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Hastings and St Leonards Seniors' Forum

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Local Government Consultations

Date added: 27th June 2020

To see any consultations being conducted by Hastings Borough Council click here

East Sussex County Council have various consultations running - for details click here

Central Hall Lunch Club

Date added: 20th February 2020

Central Hall lunch club 11-2pm on 1st Thursday in each month.

Due to the Coronavirus - COVID-19 situation most events and meetings have been cancelled until further notice.


Date added: 28th April 2020

The UK left the European Union on 31 January. We have a Transition Agreement until (probably) 31 December 2020. After that travel to other European countries will be subject to non-member rules.

East Sussex Interactive Bus Map

Date added: 16th November 2018

For an Interactive Bus Map showing list of routes and links to timetables click here


Date added: 5th August 2020

Coming to the renew date on your Insurance internet breakdown cover etc? Want the best deal? Try this.


Date added: 5th August 2020

Due to the Coronavirus - COVID-19 situation most events and meetings have been cancelled until further notice.

Coronavirus Testing

Date added: 30th May 2020

Anyone with any of the symptoms of coronavirus (high temperature, persistent new cough, loss or change to sense of smell or taste) can ask for a test through the NHS website.

In East Sussex, essential workers and people in their household can book a test by emailing . NHS and social care staff can be tested even if they donít have symptoms.

Care homes can apply for testing kits for their residents and staff whether they have symptoms of Covid-19 or not.

The latest advice on coronavirus testing and who can apply is available here.

Visit the NHS website.


Date added: 14th June 2020

If you are a carer, or know someone who is, there is support available. For local help and advice see your local carer support organisation: East Sussex:†Care for the Carers or call 01323 738390 or text 07860 077300.

Sussex CCGs Public Involvement Weekly News Briefing on FAQ from the Community on COVID-19 120620 FINAL VERSION 12 June 2020

Frequently Asked Questions from the Community on COVID-19 FINAL VERSION 12 June 2020 LARGE PRINT


Date added: 20th September 2019

Due to the Coronavirus - COVID-19 situation most events and meetings have been cancelled until further notice.

There are various events each month at the POPIN center on Station Road (between Subway and Body Shop) including the Forums coffee morning on the last Tuesday (except December). The entrance is between the Phone Tec and Smokemart shops.

To get in go through the black iron gate and press the buzzer on the red door.

Telephone Befriending service

Date added: 27th March 2020

Hastings Voluntary Action are launching a Telephone Befriending service.

The idea of the service is that any adults who are currently socially isolated or shielding from the Corona Virus can sign up to receive regular telephone calls from a friendly volunteer helping to ease boredom and loneliness and hopefully create new friendships. We aim to match you to a Volunteer Befriender with similar interests to your own and these volunteers will also be able to direct you towards help and advice on a range of issues should you need it.

To sign up follow this link and register your details or if you donít have a computer and need help then simply call 444010 and one of our HVA staff will be happy to help you to register.

self isolating and need help ?

Date added: 6th April 2020

Hastings Community Support Group can be contacted on 451019 if anyone who is isolating needs help such as collecting prescriptions.


Date added: 22nd January 2020


The next buses to depart from Hastings Train Station and certain other Town Center stops are available here.

Let's Raise the Roof and Grow Together

Date added: 21st August 2020

Let's Raise the Roof and Grow Together Help us raise £10000

Our great news Originally we had the uphill task of raising £200K to fully restore the Alexandra Park Greenhouse. A member of the community, impressed with our progress so far, has pledged a considerable amount of funding which will pay for:
The teak frame and all 96 glazing bars
The upper and lower ventilation window frames and gable ends
All the toughed glass

Repairs to the cast-iron, downpipes and internal staging

To make this a space that all the community can use and enjoy into the future

we are Crowdfunding to raise at least £10K to provide:-
lighting and power so the greenhouse can be open all year
re-pointing the aging brickwork to give us a solid foundation
a perimeter fence and emergency gate for safety and security
improvements to the floors and interior

The volunteers have done all they can - now we need to call in skilled local craftsmen to carry out the rest of the work.

This space will also be available for community use, horticultural exhibitions, small concerts and social gatherings 12 months of the year.

To donate please visit so that the greenhouse can blossom for all the community far into the future.

Thank you

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BREXIT - What if no deal?

Date added: 6th December 2018

The UK may be leaving the European Union on 31 December. If it does and an agreement has not been reached by then, trade between the UK and EU will be on World Trade Organisation (WTO) terms. This is a guide explaining what trading on WTO terms mean.


Date added: 22nd January 2020

If you are aware of any events which you think may be of interest to our members please email details to

Due to the Coronavirus - COVID-19 situation most events and meetings have been cancelled until further notice


Date added: 25th June 2020

Did you know that charges for parking on a street in Hastings will change on 1 July. Most charges will nearly DOUBLE. Details here.

Notice about Data Protection

Date added: 21st May 2018

A notice about Data Protection can be read here


Date added: 4th August 2020

Concessionary bus passes in East Sussex are being accepted for free travel at all times until 1 September. From 1 September they can be used after 9.30am as before (peak buses will be busier as lockdown eases and more people need to travel to work and school) or any time on Saturdays and Sundays.