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Hastings and St Leonards Seniors' Forum

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To get back to the home page containing the 'about us' information, click on the logo on the top left of the screen on any page.


This website uses a feature from Google to allow searches. As it takes time to index the information this should be working by May 2007.

To search for something, click your mouse inside the 'Google custom search' box, type your search term such as bowling, and then click on the 'Search' button. You will then be taken to the results page. You can either click on one of the pages listed, or on the Seniors' logo to go back to the home page.

Text type

There are three different 'versions' or stylesheets for this website: Standard, Large and High Contrast. By default the site uses the Standard version. To change to a different version click on either Large or High Contrast in the navigation part of the screen. If you don't see any changes to the text read the javascript and cookie sections below.

Access keys

Access keys allow users to navigate around websites using the keyboard rather than a mouse. The access keys for this website are the underlined letters that you can see in the top (navigation) part of the screen. Here are a list of access keys available on this website:

Access key Page
h Home page
d Diary
e Newsletter
s Special Interest Groups
o Notice Board
j Join For Free
w Who's Who
l Links
c Contact Us
4 Search box
p Help (this page)

Internet Explorer (4+)

Press and hold down the 'alt' key (left of the spacebar) and tap key for the letter/number of the accesskey on your keyboard. The name of the webpage that this access key links to should appear at the bottom left of the screen. Press the enter key. You should now be taken to a new page.

ALT + Accesskey


Mozilla Firefox (1/2+)

Press and hold down the 'SHIFT' and 'ALT' keys, and tap the key for the letter/number of the accesskey on your keyboard. You should now be taken to a new page. For older versions of Firefox (1) you only use the 'ALT' key with the accesskey. If you are having problems with number accesskeys, update to the latest version of Firefox ( as of March 2007).

SHIFT + ALT + Accesskey

Apple Mac

Press and hold down the 'CTRL' key and tap the key for the letter/number on your keyboard.

CTRL + Accesskey


To be able to use the large text and high contrast versions of the website you must have javascript enabled. If you press the buttons and nothing happens it could be that you are using a very old browser, or have javascript turned off.

Javascript allows websites to have more features, however in the wrong hands it can be a security risk which is why some people turn this feature off in their browser. For more information on javascript see this wikipedia article.


A cookie is a small file that lives on your computer that allows the website to remember information. This site uses a cookie to store which version of the website you are looking at. If you are only looking at the standard version you will not need cookies enabled. If you want to keep to the same non-standard version, allowing cookies will make your life easier. Some people choose to turn off cookies because advertisers can gain information about the websites that you visit. This website only uses a cookie to store which version of the pages you prefer to look at. For more information on cookies see this wikipedia article.


Thankyou to the following people in the construction of this website:

Mike Rose for the flagship drawing,

Paul Sowden for the open source javascipt code used in the stylesheet switcher.