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Hastings and St Leonards Seniors' Forum


The Forum is a democratic, non-profit making, non-sectarian organisation, not affiliated to or connected directly with any political party or political organisation. Membership is open to all Seniors (age over 50 years) who are resident or active in Hastings & St Leonards regardless of race religion sex or politics. To access our Equalities & Diversity Policy click here

The Forum runs various events including a coffee morning and 4 special interest groups which meet monthly and which members are welcome to join.

The website is checked monthly

HSSF is supported by ESCC and HBC

About Us

Older people are an under-used resource. We have a great deal of knowledge and understanding of the real problems facing our society at this time. More and more groups across the country are being formed to give Seniors a platform to make their views known - our forum is one such group.

Taking the lead from our membership the main Committee and Special Interest Groups meet monthly to agree in which direction our energy should be spent. This involves representing ourselves both in and out of town, organising open events, meeting decision makers, taking part in consultations, being involved in projects, meetings and much, much more...

  • We are an independent, voluntary community group representing the views of our members.
  • We liaise with and assist other groups when a common theme is identified.
  • Our Special Interest Groups (SIGs) get together with others to put a strong case forward to fight our corner. Successfully too!

The Hastings and St Leonards Seniors Forum operates all activities regardless of race, religion, gender, politics or sexuality and we will warmly welcome those from minority groups who wish to contribute to the Forum's diversity.

The members of the forum committee are here, we are governed by our constitution.

How YOU can help the SENIORS' FORUM

You can:

  • Become a member - strength in numbers
  • Learn new skills and share existing skills with others
  • Meet new people
  • Join a Special Interest Group
  • Contribute to the Newsletter
  • Help shape the future of Hastings and St Leonards
  • Make a difference

How the SENIORS' FORUM can help YOU

The forum can:

  • Inform you of the latest local developments
  • Raise issues with the Local and Regional Government
  • Help you start a project
  • Organise events and discussion groups
  • Give you an opportunity to make informed choices
  • Help to improve your quality of life
  • Make things happen with your help